Agape & Phileo

The Way I AM

In the beginning, my faith was called The Way I AM and The Way was Jesus… But Jesus did not immediately return, as His followers expected, and over time they lost The Way, and in His place grew the interpretations of men. Let me tell you the story Of The Way from the beginning the people […]

The Mountain man

Bury me at the mouth of the canyon and let my spirit take the byway to the falls deep inside the range. Hills to see from and His Mountain at my back. I buried my life at the side of the rier The water never looked prettier clear stream in sun with just the right […]

A Way in The Wilderness

And Evangelical Ralph came up to Occupy Rafael and said, what happened to you? why’d you leave the flock? I couldn’t be there anymore. I’m sorry but I had to know. I had to know if He would actually come look for me. I was scared at first, since the best days of my adulthood […]

Hope in the Night

The most difficult part is in the undressing, naked and nowhere to hide. And through it all I held my head up. Not out of arrogance but in penance for if I was made to be guilty, then I must take the shame in full. Dead man walking…   But then I came to life! […]

Kingdom Place

Shall I leave a forwarding address? No.  I don’t know where I ‘m staying yet. When are you leaving? I don’t know that either. MAYBE I won’t leave at all. MAYBE it’s gonna come to me. MEET ME right here, in America, coming down from Heaven to surround me.   I know I’m supposed to […]

The breath of God

  My computer is an atheist I can tell it doesn’t believe in me. I ask myself, Does this machine know the ghost that controls it? What is Holy is consecrated and what is consecrated is completely set apart ,and so I ask myself, does this machine know that a Holy ghost is in it? […]


Before we knew God, what was He like? Perhaps He was lonely. Is He, in fact, a She? Who is the chicken and who is the egg? I wonder…   To say I know God is to say I know Everything and that which is not everything, or Nothing. The ONE and the ZERO Male […]