I n I

The Way I AM

In the beginning, my faith was called The Way I AM and The Way was Jesus… But Jesus did not immediately return, as His followers expected, and over time they lost The Way, and in His place grew the interpretations of men. Let me tell you the story Of The Way from the beginning the people […]

I live

What is worthy? What is worth? Can I give it to you if I feel more than enough? Give me some of yours? I want to give but I don’t have any, Or enough… but I do have this, that which is truly worthy, came 2000 and some odd ago. For me a child was […]

The Light Genesis

Did you not know that the Angels keep the faith? Of course we keep the faith, or we don’t… Demons and Angels in human flesh Tell me you haven’t seen them? Skullduggery, wickedness planned or from just plain boredom Wickedness can be called by another name, but you know it when you see it… Come […]

The Mountain man

Bury me at the mouth of the canyon and let my spirit take the byway to the falls deep inside the range. Hills to see from and His Mountain at my back. I buried my life at the side of the rier The water never looked prettier clear stream in sun with just the right […]


The lady is tired, breathing heavily, she knows her time has come. Birth is a near death experience, modern medicine that shields us from this reality. And when near the death when we are awaiting the birth of the new, is she not excited? And the exhaustion and desire mix, and she enters the push […]

A Way in The Wilderness

And Evangelical Ralph came up to Occupy Rafael and said, what happened to you? why’d you leave the flock? I couldn’t be there anymore. I’m sorry but I had to know. I had to know if He would actually come look for me. I was scared at first, since the best days of my adulthood […]

Republican Molly

Republicans are high! as high as a kite, and not just the Tea Partiers. The pundits and the bishops too. Oops my bad, didn’’t mean to exclude the pastors and the politicians. Cause that Molly boy, whoooo! She has got them tuwisted!   “It’s TRICKLE DOWN man, just TRICKLE DOWN man! Your just not seein’ […]