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The Only Swear

The Holy Swear

Before God and before flesh

and before the Spirit who is feminine

that if you survive the end of the end,

you will set all men on equal ground

on Common Ground.

No more us against them

no more God of mine but not yours.


Heaven rain down upon us Grace

and let every man be drenched.

That the violence may finally fall away

and swords be made into plowshares.


Who among us has seen evil called good

and good made evil?

When the gangster became a pop star

and the Christian a cold hearted Pharisee.

And God hardened their hearts,

stopped their ears

and blinded their eyes.

But I stood awake and suffered the insanity

A piercing of my spirit and I cannot close this wound.


Where are you my God, MY LORD in whom I trust?

I cannot find my place in this world anymore.

You have vowed to bring Jerusalem from on high

and I so need to dip in its healing pool.



The Only Swear

The Holy Swear

Before God and before flesh

and before the Spirit who is feminine,

“I will set all men on Common Ground”


In memory of the few,

who hungered and thirsted,

but not for food and drink.


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Birth write

I still write my verses free hand.

Rhythmically, passionately,

love making the pen dance

my soul into existence.

Right here, before my eyes,

my naked self,

the ineffable me.


Reproduced by ink and paper

hand and body

and the thoughts.

A ghost,

from within me…




believing in ghosts

is a delusion,

as some on the left would say.

What’s more,

they also say

that I can be delusional

for a lifetime…

and then I’ll die,

into non existence.


Nothing colder.


And those to my right say

that my ghost is real,

and it is immortal.

and if I don’t toe their line

it will burn forever.


Nothing hotter.


Then watch as I,

from betwixt

the opposing forces,

find a breach.

A New Way.


The middle parts,

and I enter a new world

with groanings and pain.





















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Absolution for Trey

I will thank my Lord even in these days of affliction.

When the false witness calls me friend.

Amen brother!

I can see it to!

Black lives matter not cause

the devil is in their camp!


The black youth aren’t afraid of them.

They see how the false witnesses

manipulate the truth,

weaving like a drunken bishop

between the smiting god

and the loving one.


They say, woman!  thou shalt not kill the unborn!

But the boys in blue can kill as many

as need be to keep the peace,

To keep the right powers in place.


Iced tea and a bag of skittles

that is all one had to see.

the gun toting wannabe fell upon  the youth ,

and this bully killed the teen.

And this bully was set free.

The rest was tedious manipulation,

by lawyers and expert witnesses.

Like the trial of Jesus…

I know why the slaves sang Jesus songs,

cause only Jesus can make things right.

The masters talk love and forgiveness

while they froth and obstruct.

Itching for the wrong people to riot

so that they can impose the  rule of law.

Not grace,

not amnesty,

but law.



Like water for my soul

I claim you today.

Free me from the sins

of this self righteous church

I will praise my Lord in the day of my redemption

I will rise up in glory,

and the Lord Himself will call me friend.

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Hope in the Night

The most difficult part is in the undressing,

naked and nowhere to hide.

And through it all

I held my head up.

Not out of arrogance

but in penance

for if I was made to be guilty,

then I must take the shame in full.

Dead man walking…


But then I came to life!

Like the phoenix,

like Jesus,

sort of…


This life is a tapestry

each living soul a separate masterpiece.

Some are strung

with yarns of bitterness

and little solace,

while others

string after string

of confident bliss.

but to the fire, all is the same.


And yet I see myself as more than victorious

for I believe in the life everlasting,

And if I sleep I shall not sleep for long.

On this night.

I will call upon The Name,

His majesty, and Her wisdom,

for the night is being redeemed as I speak

and the North star is guiding me home.

In the day I will rise

but in the night I will hope.




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Hurly Burly

Hurly Burly

Topsy Turvy

These days are strange,

when defenders come home from war,

To take their lives among us.

The ephemeral glory once known in battle

is overcome via death in infamy.


What I would give to see us all come together to

bring the light to their darkness,

but the circus is in town,

and we can’t come together.

Sins once hidden are now on full display,

and this has brought out the ire of the conservative.

The secular now openly practice,

what at one time they hid deep in their closet.

And the churchman feels called,

to sin against them;

and both sides call to their lawyers for justification.


Secular and religious maestros take respective podiums

to announce the beginning of the volleys.

Calumnies and condemnations hurled back and forth

by the godfathers of opposition swearing false witness

to their fearful masses, and a battery of lawyers

looking back into history to cite how their gods are angry.


As either side digs in I shout into their performance,





Our brave young men come home to die because we can’t

give them peace of heart, a piece of home.


I am speaking into the darkness of minds,

This light that I’ve been given.

Not my own, for I am no man,

Importantly Insignificant is my name.

But I know that Holy Ground is common ground,

and I have no sandals.


“Speak into the dark and the captives will hear.”

Topsy turvy

Hurly Burly




The Questions

Hey Mr. Churchman,

Do you know Jesus?

Won’t matter if Jesus doesn’t know you.

Do you think abortion is wrong?

Won’t matter if you won’t trade places with her.

Do you think that homosexuality is a choice?

Won’t matter when your son comes out of the closet.

Do you believe that owning an automatic weapon is your right?

Won’t matter if your child is the one laying on the classroom floor.

Do you want to help me find the answers to my most difficult questions?

Won’t matter if you think you already know me.

I am America too

and I don’t believe in what you say,

because I see what you do.

And so I ask you one more time,

take your time before you answer.

Mr. Churchman

Do you know Jesus?

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Voluminous Psalm

To the Name , I say,

thank you for my time beneath the clouds!

Beneath your trees, and above the ground.

My heart flows with gratitude to what must

certainly be, a good God.

I am a child in The Kingdom, of a servant with

pierced wrists, and open side.

The Water and the Life flow straight to my mouth

and I can taste you my Lord.

Your love can only be measured in volume,

like water,

like gratitude.


Sorrow Duo

The groan of the cello

and the weeping of the violin.

“Give me your tired, your poor,

your huddled masses yearning to

breathe free..”

and I will deport them, put them in prison

and starve those that remain.

And the groan of the cello

the weeping of the violin

Do you remember the woman who stood with a lamp

at the golden door?  The same Fair Lady that holds

the scales of Justice in hand with eyes covered?

She has been savaged and sequestered

by them who speaks falsely.

A bully has taken her place and with him his woman;

and they claim their one desire, is that all should come to Jesus

And the groan of the cello

and the weeping of the violin

I stood among the witnesses in the day that we saw

The Highest Court in our land strike the first blow to Milady,

when they said that corporate dollars are protected speech.

And lo an unseen beast arose from within our midst,

and this thing who is called a person, but is not, spoke

in favor of the bully, and his mistress

And the groan of the cello

the weeping of the violin

“Blame the deficits on the shiftless, and their socialist President

and let your mistress rally the sheep into ravenous wolves.

She who is no longer youthful and attractive, will stir up her flock.

to defend the unborn children against the abortionists

and their  homosexuals.

They will respond by going to war,

against Love and Forgiveness.

And the groan of the cello

the weeping of the violin

And in a moment, the darkest ignorance overcame half our family.

These are they that say that Lady Wisdom does not understand the value

of a dollar, and the supremacy of the free market.

She is an idealist, ill-suited to deal with real world economics.

No, she will not be returning,

for it is better to be “Strong and Wrong” with the Bully and his mistress.


But, “Wisdom is justified by her children.” and we proudly remember our mother.

Standing firm in her absence, we boldly reject the offer of prosperity

for some, and austerity for the rest.

Let us all pay our share, according to our blessings, and not our loopholes.

We may be weak in dollars but our strength is the truth,

and the truth remains that we are One Nation,

This is The  UNITED STATES of America,

and our government, is a government of the people,

by the people, and for the people,

regardless of race, income, religion, or lack there of.

And the joy of the cello

The ecstasy of the violin

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There is a River in the wilderness that is teeming with new life.

Dip in its passing, and you can be healed.

A Cross to the other side,

and you are cleansed forever more.

I am alive.


American Jesus

Jesus, Jesus I have a question.

Are you with America?

In the Land of the free

do you like what you see?

I know you see us fighting

over who gets how much pie,

and those that say they love you

insist they’d rather die,

than give away full healthcare

to the poor and to the destitute,

even though you gave what you had,

to the sinners and the prostitute.

And those that never claim

to call upon your name,

are acting more like you

than the Christian and the Jew!

Strange days…

I used to go to church much more,

but I just can’t anymore.

All that talk about forgiveness

is just a cover for the business,

of finding soldiers for its war.

The church is losing relevance

because they lack benevolence,

towards the poor outside their door.

They choose to tout their freedom

to worship as they choose,

but those that seek the kingdom

will not the poor refuse.

And so

obviously, America’s conflicted

because its church still claims to serve you.

But you took care of the afflicted

what they in fact refuse to do.

And so they rise in anger

at the socialist and the whore.

Projecting onto others,

what they will get and more.

And so I ask you Jesus

What others will implore.

Be with America now dear Jesus

before we go to war.

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The Way I AM

In the beginning, my faith was called The Way I AM
and The Way was Jesus… But Jesus did not
immediately return, as His followers expected,
and over time they lost The Way,
and in His place grew the interpretations of men.

Let me tell you the story Of The Way from the beginning
the people heard Jesus and they loved Him
but The Pharisees in Jerusalem had great powers
from patristic tradition, they are law to those that believe them.
And they took hold of The Way, brought Him before The Sanhedrin Court
and introduced false witnesses. The Jews delivered The Way to the
authority of Caesar wanting to wash their hands of This Lamb’s blood
But the secular would have none of it. Pilate called The Jews before him
and presented to them two sons of The Father, the zealot Jesus Barabbas
and Jesus the one called MESSIAH. Make your choice for you will be
guilty as I am when all is over! And the multitudes cried, ‘give us
Barabbas!, Crucify the other andLet his blood be upon us and upon our children.”

And so it happened
that The multitudes accepted the blood of Jesus upon them as the govt and
the religious washed their hands of His redemption.
And The Way was lost at His death
And the Way was found again at His Resurrection!
Still Jesus did not immediately return, as we all expected,
and over time we lost The Way,
and in His place grew the doctrines of men.
But I know the Way I and I don’t accept their interpretations

The Way I AM is Jesus
that has not changed.
The Way I AM is peaceful
The Way I AM is patient
The Way I AM is loving
The Way I AM is Kind
The Way I AM is joyous
The Way I AM is good
The Way I AM is faithful
The Way I AM is gentle
The Way I AM is under control
But in the midst of the interpretations of men they tell me that curing people
on the sabbath is wrong or as they call it Obamacare. They say God commands us to
“Stand with Israel” but I tell them that I am not for Joshua or for his enemies.
They say the richman has worked harder at his riches  than the poor at his poverty
or the criminal at his crime for otherwise they would be rich too!
And I marvel at how far they have become to The Way I AM
Lips real close but hearts far far away
And the time passes so quickly now
as the days get hotter and the nights colder.
And The Way I AM is closer to being seen again.
No more a mystery, no more a secret,
so that the interpretations of men may cease.

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I live

What is worthy?

What is worth?

Can I give it to you if

I feel more than enough?

Give me some of yours?

I want to give but I don’t

have any,

Or enough…

but I do have this,

that which is truly worthy,

came 2000 and some odd ago.

For me a child was given

a man was slain.

As lamb led to slaughter.

Worth beyond measure has been

impressed upon me.

A golden ring on this brazen wax.

Can you really love your neighbor

as yourself?

I can…

and I am despised for it.

They say,

“Dreamer what need have we of you

and your kind.

Lions do not lie with lambs.

But they will,

you are just not of this kind…

this is what the dream is about.

And I will live to see it.

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The Light Genesis

Did you not know

that the Angels keep the faith?

Of course we keep the faith,

or we don’t…

Demons and Angels

in human flesh

Tell me you haven’t seen them?

Skullduggery, wickedness planned

or from just plain boredom

Wickedness can be called

by another name,

but you know it

when you see it…

Come on

Scholar, or sagger, or Joe in between,

we need good to win,

cause bad will buck us twice wise.

Welcome to The Common Ground Pilgrim.


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The Mountain man

Bury me at the mouth of the canyon

and let my spirit take the byway

to the falls deep inside the range.

Hills to see from and His Mountain

at my back.

I buried my life

at the side of the rier

The water never looked prettier

clear stream in sun

with just the right touch

of frost in her.

Then she turned angry

when the pouring rain

drenched us both.

I came home to her and I fell in love.


I was born in the village of the wolves

but through domestication’s many forms

forgot my spirit in that incarnation.

I found myself when I saw the mountain man.

when a  friend of  the past life

pointed him out.

Deep is the love of family, community,

and the traditions of yore

I will not ever forget them.

But the yearning of my spirit is to be free

To be good, even if it means

leaving the past behind.


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The lady is tired, breathing heavily,

she knows her time has come.

Birth is a near death experience,

modern medicine that shields us from this reality.

And when near the death

when we are awaiting the birth of the new,

is she not excited?

And the exhaustion and desire mix,

and she enters the push for life.


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A Way in The Wilderness

And Evangelical Ralph came up to Occupy Rafael and said,

what happened to you?

why’d you leave the flock?

I couldn’t be there anymore.

I’m sorry but I had to know.

I had to know if He would actually come look for me.

I was scared at first, since the best days of my adulthood

were spent in the bosom of the church.

Everything nurturing was found in her breasts.

But my Master is not the Church,

just as the groom is not the bride,

and I know that…

I left.

I came to the place

where I knew He would find me.

Here with the people

on the common ground.

“And the book of the prophet Isaiah was handed to Him.

And He opened the book and found the place where it was written,

“The Spirit of The LORD is upon me,

because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel

to the poor,

He has sent Me to proclaim release

for the captives,

and recovery of sight for the blind,

to set free those who are oppressed

and to proclaim the acceptable year of The Lord.”

In The Presence

The Lord, The Mighty

Yeshua Adonai!


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Republican Molly

Republicans are high!

as high as a kite,

and not just the Tea Partiers.

The pundits and the bishops too.

Oops my bad,

didn’’t mean to exclude the pastors

and the politicians.

Cause that Molly boy, whoooo!

She has got them tuwisted!



just TRICKLE DOWN man!

Your just not seein’ it libtard!

You just don’t know.  She’s a beautiful thing

and if you just leave the markets alone

you’ll see Molly just trickle down.”


Say man you’re talking about Molly like it’s 1980

and Reagan’s about to take the stage!

You’re so high on Molly

you don’t even realize 30 years have passed!

Yo wake up man,

that Republican Molly ended up being an epic downer!

“Greed is good!”

“If you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’

and “only the little people pay taxes.”

Remember that?

And you were so high that with a STRAIGHT FACE

you blamed it all on those people who were sayin’,

“It’s all about the Benjamins baby”

and “The world is mine chico!”


“No man it’s just cause you just don’t get it!



You’re just not seeing it libtard!

You just don’t know.  She’s a beautiful thing

and if you just leave the markets alone

you’ll see Molly just trickle down.”


Naw that’s all right.

This is a new millennium

and we’re not tryin to get with Molly anymore…