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I live

What is worthy?

What is worth?

Can I give it to you if

I feel more than enough?

Give me some of yours?

I want to give but I don’t

have any,

Or enough…

but I do have this,

that which is truly worthy,

came 2000 and some odd ago.

For me a child was given

a man was slain.

As lamb led to slaughter.

Worth beyond measure has been

impressed upon me.

A golden ring on this brazen wax.

Can you really love your neighbor

as yourself?

I can…

and I am despised for it.

They say,

“Dreamer what need have we of you

and your kind.

Lions do not lie with lambs.

But they will,

you are just not of this kind…

this is what the dream is about.

And I will live to see it.


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