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The Mountain man

Bury me at the mouth of the canyon

and let my spirit take the byway

to the falls deep inside the range.

Hills to see from and His Mountain

at my back.

I buried my life

at the side of the rier

The water never looked prettier

clear stream in sun

with just the right touch

of frost in her.

Then she turned angry

when the pouring rain

drenched us both.

I came home to her and I fell in love.


I was born in the village of the wolves

but through domestication’s many forms

forgot my spirit in that incarnation.

I found myself when I saw the mountain man.

when a  friend of  the past life

pointed him out.

Deep is the love of family, community,

and the traditions of yore

I will not ever forget them.

But the yearning of my spirit is to be free

To be good, even if it means

leaving the past behind.



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