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Lincoln Unchained

and I mSaw Daniel Day Lewis play Lincoln

and saw Jamie Lee Fox do Django.

Then I read a black writer who wrote

that white Tarantino truly

could not understand

and therefore couldn’t possibly convey

slavery in its true light.

Sister, he didn’t have to…

The stakes that Lincoln vied for

were as easily seen as whip scars

on the slave’s naked back.

I don’t need to understand

slavery in its deepest, subjective, sense

to know that I don’t want any man or woman

treated that way.

The Afro centric should not belittle

the role of the sentient white man

in raising awareness of

America’s original sin.

Now you have a point with regard to the

polar opposite or the aryan and I refer to

both the white master and the house negro,

cause you know Stephen in Django was an aryan too.

Nothing empowers the white man

quite like his token negroes,

and nothing enrages the oppressed

like seeing the tokens dance

for they massus!

Django unchained

I wrote this in response to a dialogue with a friend of mine on race


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