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Absolution for Trey

I will thank my Lord even in these days of affliction.

When the false witness calls me friend.

Amen brother!

I can see it to!

Black lives matter not cause

the devil is in their camp!


The black youth aren’t afraid of them.

They see how the false witnesses

manipulate the truth,

weaving like a drunken bishop

between the smiting god

and the loving one.


They say, woman!  thou shalt not kill the unborn!

But the boys in blue can kill as many

as need be to keep the peace,

To keep the right powers in place.


Iced tea and a bag of skittles

that is all one had to see.

the gun toting wannabe fell upon  the youth ,

and this bully killed the teen.

And this bully was set free.

The rest was tedious manipulation,

by lawyers and expert witnesses.

Like the trial of Jesus…

I know why the slaves sang Jesus songs,

cause only Jesus can make things right.

The masters talk love and forgiveness

while they froth and obstruct.

Itching for the wrong people to riot

so that they can impose the  rule of law.

Not grace,

not amnesty,

but law.



Like water for my soul

I claim you today.

Free me from the sins

of this self righteous church

I will praise my Lord in the day of my redemption

I will rise up in glory,

and the Lord Himself will call me friend.


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