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Hope in the Night

The most difficult part is in the undressing,

naked and nowhere to hide.

And through it all

I held my head up.

Not out of arrogance

but in penance

for if I was made to be guilty,

then I must take the shame in full.

Dead man walking…


But then I came to life!

Like the phoenix,

like Jesus,

sort of…


This life is a tapestry

each living soul a separate masterpiece.

Some are strung

with yarns of bitterness

and little solace,

while others

string after string

of confident bliss.

but to the fire, all is the same.


And yet I see myself as more than victorious

for I believe in the life everlasting,

And if I sleep I shall not sleep for long.

On this night.

I will call upon The Name,

His majesty, and Her wisdom,

for the night is being redeemed as I speak

and the North star is guiding me home.

In the day I will rise

but in the night I will hope.





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