Kingdom Place

Shall I leave a forwarding address?

No.  I don’t know where I ‘m staying yet.

When are you leaving?

I don’t know that either.

MAYBE I won’t leave at all.

MAYBE it’s gonna come to me.

MEET ME right here, in America,

coming down from Heaven to surround me.


I know I’m supposed to be able to just walk

in to my Father’s house, but it’d be just fine

if He came to mine.

He knows He can walk right in,

cause His Son is always here.

I believe…

When uncertainty and doubt come knocking on my door

like dutiful Mormons I say, “come on in, and,

what can you teach me?

I love what you’re saying and

it makes a whole lot of sense,

but you see, I love what I have,

and so…”

What about the truth you say?

There is but one truth you say and you’re telling me

that I don’t have  it, cause that’s what your bringing!

I agree that I don’t own the whole truth, but I know that you

don’t own it either cause the truth is that we’re both wrong

in some ways.

Here is something else I see,

Something else I know,

I am on the road to the Kingdom Place,

the neighborhood founded on the truth.

No one in this neighborhood cares what you say

about the Father or The Mother, Meshiach, or Shiloh,

cause THE TRUTH will be seen IN OUR ACTIONS.


And so  I’m leaving, I’ve gone.

Sold everything and some said for a pitiful sum.

But I know that nothing that I was,

compares to what I will be then,

and there,


with MY LOVES,




and definitely dancing.


In The Kingdom Place.


I can’t wait…



“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth…”


2 comments on “Kingdom Place

  1. Amen and Hallelujah!! I love your words and I will be the little one dancing next to you. 🙂

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