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Hope in the Night

The most difficult part is in the undressing, naked and nowhere to hide. And through it all I held my head up. Not out of arrogance but in penance for if I was made to be guilty, then I must take the shame in full. Dead man walking…   But then I came to life! […]

Kingdom Place

Shall I leave a forwarding address? No.  I don’t know where I ‘m staying yet. When are you leaving? I don’t know that either. MAYBE I won’t leave at all. MAYBE it’s gonna come to me. MEET ME right here, in America, coming down from Heaven to surround me.   I know I’m supposed to […]

House Quake

Mennonite and Anapabtist the peaceful Swiss Church of The Brethren The Religious Society of Friends Quakers! House Shakers! and tumbling down come the walls of Jericho. The hippies of the Church have been set free because they know THE TRUTH as a person, and not a concept.   I believe… One God is enough for […]