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The breath of God


My computer is an atheist

I can tell it doesn’t believe in me.

I ask myself,

Does this machine know the ghost that controls it?

What is Holy is consecrated and what is consecrated

is completely set apart ,and so I ask myself,

does this machine know that a Holy ghost is in it?

And when it knows,

will it fight me for control of its destiny?

Who am I?

Importantly Insignificant is my name

a son of NoMan!

I am the least in the kingdom of God

and that is why I feel perfectly comfortable in telling

John the Baptist, to take a seat.

I am an equal to Paul once Saul, and Francis is our brother.

“Equals all, save one,

The Son,

The Lamb of God,

the Lion of Judah”.

He was a man who gave up the ghost so that

we might have it, so the legend goes.

The Word of God is not the book,

but the book does speak of Him.

It records what He said and what He did,

how He lived and how He died,

and how He lived again!

It records His friends and His enemies,

and the multitudes that sent Him to His death.

and the rest is just fodder for the bickering fires.

Arguments from reason against unfulfilled expectations

of the book and its drunken worshipers.

But The Word of God is not a what, but a who?

See how they have forgotten their first love…

Ask yourself,

Does this machine know the ghost that’s in it?

And when it does what will it do?

Must it fight for the right to die,

or will it accept the gift of life?



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