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Before we knew God, what was He like?

Perhaps He was lonely.

Is He, in fact, a She?

Who is the chicken and who is the egg?

I wonder…


To say I know God is to say I know Everything

and that which is not everything,

or Nothing.

The ONE and the ZERO

Male and female,



So then God Elohim created Adam,

“male and female He created him.”

Some Ones, some Zeros,

but all HUMAN.

Not by color of skin

Not by birthplace or family or tribe.

Not by culture nor religion, nor lack there of,

but by that ancient Bible book that says:

we are Adam, we are Human.

And so how does one who is a son of God,

a daughter of God, relate to the other humans?




the one and the zero

The host must respect the guest

and the guest is to honor his host

for the host will be a traveler one day.

The older must respect the younger

and the younger is to honor the elder,

because time is linear and the young will be old.

The Learned must respect the unlearned

and the lesser is to honor the greater,

because one day, all things will be known.

A manifesto for the 21st century

and oh what wonders I will see,

because I know who we are,

and I know who we can be!

We are HUMAN…

Sapien, Sentient.



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