Extremely Good

And then I heard the one ask the other,

Do you recall the Jubilee?

It’s back!

The Biblical cycle of forgiveness

of debt is back!

Yeah the Occupy movement is

taking donations, buying bad debt,

and then forgiving it!

Oh wait…

If it’s Occupy then that can’t be good.

They’re extremists! Anarchists for God’s sake!


And then Wisdom says,

“Not the giver, but the act.”

Understand this and you will see that,

Good IS GOOD, no matter who

does it.


No but don’t you see the moral hazard?

If you forgive debt then the people

will just rack up more debt!

So, why then is the Jubilee considered Good?

And then Wisdom says,

“Because it is Good for the Credit Holders

more than the debtors…”



7 comments on “Extremely Good

  1. Oh, too easily we excuse evil because of who has done it and oppose good, because of who tries to do it.

  2. Hi I n I, I would love to help you out. However, I am not much of wizard with the computer stuff. How do you mean “posting in a column”? Perhaps I can find out how to fix that, if I understand the problem.

  3. Or do you mean in the 500 Questions blog? The columns are getting rather silly there. Perhaps we should just continue the conversation below all the comments and try not to answer directly to previous messages. A continuous flow of comments with the @ markers usually keeps the conversation at a satisfactory level.

    • Yes I do mean in the 500 Questions blog. I reply to a comment and in the reply box the body of letters is in rectangular/square form but once I press post comment it appears in column form. I’ve noticed it happens randomly at first and then follows that pattern after it has been established.

  4. Oh, I thought it was a result of some comment being a reply to a reply of a reply and that being a reply to a reply before that. I think that we should not use too much of the reply buttons right after a comment, but the reply buttons below the entire comment section. That way it will not necessarily send a reply to the “notifications”, in ones own “reader”, but if you are actively participating in a conversation you can find out if someone has replied to you by checking in the latest replies below the entire conversation.

    At least that is what I am going to do next, if the conversation there continues. I hope this will help.

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