The Perfect Verse

I know the perfect verse

and it is the one that defines

you right in the moment.

I can’t tell you yours!

I only know mine, and it is this,

”Zeal for your house has consumed me.”

Did you ever go insane for God?

I did.

In the day that I first saw my church family

begin to play the harlot with the false gods

of culture and nation,

I stood apart and called them out!

I went mad.


Good people mixed with the hidden sin,

The leaven of the Pharisees.

I lost it for three years, calling down

fire and thunder, as I railed against

the hypocrisy that the blind could not see.

And now a full seven years as a wild man,

my soul is restored.

I am a man again.



5 comments on “The Perfect Verse

  1. So are you saying that a vote for Obama is a vote for Barabbas and if so are the two really in the same context to be compared equally? The church has been, is and will always be divided; it is what we do to either compromise or lift up the weaker members of the family that counts. I don’t think Christ is as concerned with the method or route we take to comprehend his gospel but rather that we get to the a point that we understand it for ourselves.
    I have walked away from the “church” myself and I find myself at odds with the “Leadership” more times than I would like to admit too. I think that the next step would logically be to seek the Father’s face and walk by Faith by placing all your fears, anger, rage and questions in Him and to pray for the “church leadership” to receive and head the guidance of God.

    Strength and Honor……

    • Amen bro. The Perfect Verse describes the final leg of my journey following Jesus away from my conservative church. This kind of church chooses Law over Grace and piety over caring for the least among us. You may or may not know but 79.5% of evangelicals (rounded to 80%) and 78% of Mormons voted for Romney and I stood with the 20% who didn’t vote for him.

  2. (AKA Fluffycat from 500 questions Blog) Just reading through some of your postings. I voted also for Obama with some major trepidations. Hated the Libya incident. Seemed like some political manipualation on getting the real truth out on that one. However the 10% of the wealthiest Americans have the majority or power in the US. The Bush tax cuts should never have been implemented in the first place. Don’t really know if we can afford or not afford the new Health care laws but believe something had to be done to help the less fortunate. Recognizing empathy for the less fortunate main reason to vote for the big O.

    In the end the country has to realize it’s more about the “Ecology Stupid” and actually not the economy. We all on this earth are biological creatures. Wanting, having, and getting more only means someone else will have less. I myslef might not actually know what is real and the truth.Don’t want to worship Baal of course. It does seem ironic that a statue of a Bull sits on Wall Street.

    • Fluffycat wuz happenin!
      Good to see you take me up on my invitation, welcome. I think voting Obama was the right thing to do given the choices before us. I see you’re an environmentalist, compassionate and understand that Healthcare law is not the best but just a step in the right direction. Accurate reading? I’ll stop by your blog soon.

    • Hey I apologize but I don’t know how to get to your blog. I thought that by just clicking on your gravatar I could get there but that is not the case. Would like to get the name.

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