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We Americans

Hey Cracker!
Oh! Hey Tar baby…

Are you over it yet?
Do you mean over the death of the America I was raised in?
No. I won’t get over that ever!
Hey Cracker come on now! you know that the sun is going to rise tomorrow
cause you got work to go to, and I know you’re not missing work.
Shut up Tar Baby!
No man seriously. Buck up. You’re just not used to losing, but you’ll be all right.
Believe me, Tar baby knows a thing or two about losing…
Anyway, the future is now and Universal Healthcare care is here to stay.

It went to the Supreme court and got approved and now the contest for the Executive branch is settled.

At last, you and I can really look at Obamacare as the law of the land, and also,

the one and only successful bipartisan piece of legislation passed before all the white guys on your side started obstructing a damn slow recovery.

Shut up Tar Baby!
No you shut up Cracker!

Take a look at Obamacare you damn fool and you will see that it’s based on a conservative think tank model

and implemented by that damn fool Romney while he was Governor. For Christ’s sake get to a computer and stop watching television for
your news.
Obamacare is the perfect example of good compromise. The plan mandates coverage for everyone and that means BUSINESS for the “job creating”

Health insurance providers.  NOW they can hire more staff and it gives us bleeding heart liberals the satisfaction of knowing we are helping the less fortunate.


Maybe you should have learned spanish sooner. Then maybe you could’a identified a little bit better with our brown brothers, the ones that helped decide it for O.

Yeah they don’t like how they clean the houses, pick the vegetables and mow the lawns, and then you ask them to vote Christian, so that they can get deported soon after?
You were just out of yo mind Cracker!

But all’s well that ends well.
Listen bro, you are America, but I am too.
And so is the brown man and the yellow woman,
WE ARE ALL AMERICA and we need to get back to work.
Buck up man, we straight. We Americans.


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