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Extremely Good

And then I heard the one ask the other, Do you recall the Jubilee? It’s back! The Biblical cycle of forgiveness of debt is back! Yeah the Occupy movement is taking donations, buying bad debt, and then forgiving it! Oh wait… If it’s Occupy then that can’t be good. They’re extremists! Anarchists for God’s sake! […]

The Perfect Verse

I know the perfect verse and it is the one that defines you right in the moment. I can’t tell you yours! I only know mine, and it is this, ”Zeal for your house has consumed me.” Did you ever go insane for God? I did. In the day that I first saw my church […]

X’s and Oh!s part 1

I left a lot of places I have a lot of X’s And now I got the Oh! Oh no! Oh God! Oh fuck!   Obama Again You know what this means right? It means that you weren’t Right, and that God just does not love you anymore! Kidding! Oh God loves you, because he […]

We Americans

Hey Cracker! Oh! Hey Tar baby… Are you over it yet? Do you mean over the death of the America I was raised in? No. I won’t get over that ever! Hey Cracker come on now! you know that the sun is going to rise tomorrow cause you got work to go to, and I […]