Sorrow Duo

The groan of the cello

and the weeping of the violin.

“Give me your tired, your poor,

your huddled masses yearning to

breathe free..”

and I will deport them, put them in prison

and starve those that remain.

And the groan of the cello

the weeping of the violin

Do you remember the woman who stood with a lamp

at the golden door?  The same Fair Lady that holds

the scales of Justice in hand with eyes covered?

She has been savaged and sequestered

by them who speaks falsely.

A bully has taken her place and with him his woman;

and they claim their one desire, is that all should come to Jesus

And the groan of the cello

and the weeping of the violin

I stood among the witnesses in the day that we saw

The Highest Court in our land strike the first blow to Milady,

when they said that corporate dollars are protected speech.

And lo an unseen beast arose from within our midst,

and this thing who is called a person, but is not, spoke

in favor of the bully, and his mistress

And the groan of the cello

the weeping of the violin

“Blame the deficits on the shiftless, and their socialist President

and let your mistress rally the sheep into ravenous wolves.

She who is no longer youthful and attractive, will stir up her flock.

to defend the unborn children against the abortionists

and their  homosexuals.

They will respond by going to war,

against Love and Forgiveness.

And the groan of the cello

the weeping of the violin

And in a moment, the darkest ignorance overcame half our family.

These are they that say that Lady Wisdom does not understand the value

of a dollar, and the supremacy of the free market.

She is an idealist, ill-suited to deal with real world economics.

No, she will not be returning,

for it is better to be “Strong and Wrong” with the Bully and his mistress.


But, “Wisdom is justified by her children.” and we proudly remember our mother.

Standing firm in her absence, we boldly reject the offer of prosperity

for some, and austerity for the rest.

Let us all pay our share, according to our blessings, and not our loopholes.

We may be weak in dollars but our strength is the truth,

and the truth remains that we are One Nation,

This is The  UNITED STATES of America,

and our government, is a government of the people,

by the people, and for the people,

regardless of race, income, religion, or lack there of.

And the joy of the cello

The ecstasy of the violin


2 comments on “Sorrow Duo

  1. Yes, if the government is of the people, by the people, for the people, why does it have to be the smallest critter possible? It has to have the strength of the people to defend the people against the richest and strongest individuals who have (make no mistake about it) a desire to extort the people for their own personal benefit.

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