The Uncivil War

Why is it called the Civil War when it is anything but civil?

It was in 1861 with the election of President Abraham Lincoln that South Carolina decided it could no longer be a part of the United States of America.  On January 20, 2009 while President Obama gave his inauguration speech, Mitch McConnell the Republican Senator of Kentucky, vowed to do everything in His power to make Barack Obama a one term President.

BEFORE Obama signed any new laws.

BEFORE He implemented any new government programs.

BEFORE any new entitlements.

The Leader of the Senate Republicans promised to bring down the first non-white President of this our United States of America.

South Carolina suspected that Abraham Lincoln was a reformer and they feared that he would bend to the wishes of The Abolitionists who wanted to put an end to slavery in our land.  But Slavery was what the Southern economy was built on and the rich southerners, their politicians, and their preachers rallied the people.  They did not want to change one God damned thing about their way of life, much less what their southern culture depended on.

Senator Mitch McConnell held a private dinner in Washington for 15 current and former Republican lawmakers.  The list included John Boehner future Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan current Vice Presidential candidate, and Jim DeMint Senator to the New Religious Right.  And while Obama gave his inauguration speech, they laid out a plan to oppose every single measure the Black President would propose and they vowed to challenge every Democrat in every race, at every level of government in the country.  This was BEFORE Obama made a single change to the 8 years of the Bush Presidency.

The most disastrous 8 years in American history, since the Great Depression.

The South claimed states rights as the reason for their secession and they didn’t wait for Abraham Lincoln and the Union Army to challenge their claim to state sovereignty.  They were ready for a fight.

Despite President Lincoln’s recorded inaugural address where in he put forth that he had no plans to abolish slavery where it already existed, South Carolina attacked the United States of America at Fort Sumter in April of 1861.

In three and three quarter years the Republicans have claimed that their state, religious, and civil rights have been attacked, and they have fired up their base by claiming that The President is a socialist who hates America and is destroying the American way of Life.  But the record shows that Barak Obama has done nothing but help the American Banking System, the American Automobile Industry, and has distinguished himself in history as The President who closed the wound of 9/11.   And still, For three and three quarter years, The President of the United States has met unbending opposition to every equitable Jobs bill, every judicial and government appointee, every remedy that would help put people back to work after the economic devastation of the Republican led government of George Bush.  His most meaningful success has been the bipartisan Affordable Care Act; a piece of legislation originally presented by Republicans themselves, and the first piece of legislation that the Republicans vow to repeal.

Just as in 1861, in 2012 the United States of America is a country torn in two.  One part of our citizenry is unwilling to allow change to occur because this kind of change, changes everything.    Change terrifies, and so the part of America that is afraid has desperately aligned itself with those that vow to block change BEFORE it occurs.  But good intentions do not ensure good outcomes.  Consider the fall of the religious citizenry of our beloved country.  Those that use homosexuality and abortion to vilify and neglect the least of their brothers, are the very same that claimed in 1861 that God’s Word allowed for slavery because of the biblical curse of Ham.  They know who they are, and they know that God wants mercy more than sacrifice.

Reactionaries and the people that support them do not want a future for America; they want THEIR future for America.  But the future cannot be the past.  The Bush years have shown that greed and licentiousness will betray our highest regard for ourselves as Americans.  But they have gone deaf and blind, and they want more of us to do the same.  For the next two months they will use  “Free Enterprise” and “self responsibility” as a surreptitious call to abandon our American Union.  The secessionists fear that we are bent on creating a government of the people, by the people, and for the people and that, they know, would change everything.



3 comments on “The Uncivil War

  1. We had a civil war here in Finland in 1917. It was a fight between the landowning religious conservative peasants and the poorest people of both rural and urban workforce who were organized by socialists and communists into a labour movement. Finland had just gained independence from the Russian Empire as Mr. Lenin signed Finnish declaration of independence, but there were still few Russian troops garrisoned in FInland. The “whites”, that is the landowning peasants executed many of these soldiers after they had surrendered. That is why the decendants of the whites still call the civil war our “war of liberation”. Then, with the help of the battle hardened forces of the Imperial Germany the “rebellion” of the labourers was won by the conservatives. The aftermath was terrible in that thousands and thousands of the “reds” were literally destroyed in concentration camps.

    Ever since our civil war Finland has grown economically, but also socially, so that we are one of the most egalitarian nations in the world. Michail Gorbatsov alledgedly said that socialism has worked out best in the Nordic countries referring to Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Our right wing politicians are today politically left from the US left wing politicians. And we are doing quite fine.

    Russia however is our neighbour and even though it has changed alot since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it is still the reason why every Finnish male is also a trained soldier of the Finnish army.

    • I too know about the success in Nordic societies. There are notable differences in economic scales and homogenous culture, but the point is real. I only hope that our nation will stay on this course since the reactionaries are intent on returning to the policies that corrupted the global economy and created global unrest.
      I also agree whole heartedly that every citizen should be trained to mount a defense against an outside aggressor. Very wise. Thanks for commenting and I hope you’ll stay in touch. 🙂

  2. Thank you. I have enjoyed reading your blog and hope to continue to do so.

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