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God is ambidextrous

For those who can think in these terms…

I don’t mean to pry, but,

do you think God has only one Arm?

Is God only right handed?

Nothing under His left shoulder?

“Silly rabbit,” God is ambidextrous.

The world was right from the beginning,

up until the first left handed ancient,

picked up his tool with the wrong hand…

It was then that the Orthodox proclaimed

that the left hand was not right.

And everything right became Orthodox,

and all that was left, was unorthodox.

And God is ambidextrous.

Ignorance breeds fear, and the ancient right

hand bred ignorance, and the fear grew.

In any religion, the right does breed fear

the lefty is demonized,

because the Orthodox is right…

In any country’s politics, the right is conservative,

while the left is wanton.

Women are the gender lefties,

gay people the sexual lefties,

black people  racial lefties,

and on and on,

because, if one side is right,

the other, must be wrong…

Get the picture?

Still God is ambidextrous.

Jesus proves the ambidextrous

because Jesus is the embodiment of

everything unorthodox

(while still being observant..).

He was born of a woman,

not a man and a woman…

I believe.

He was born in a barn the poorest of the poor,

but as The Son of GOD, He didn’t have to!

He could have come into a rich jewish family.

He didn’t scale the heights of academia,

for religion, or politics, or the almighty denarius.

Some nowadays would call Him a slacker, a dreamer.

He was less than 4o years old

and a bachelor, and they still

called Him Rabbi.

He talked to  Abraham’s sons

about a Samaritan being good,

and a Levite being bad,

He was unorthodox!

And that is why the Orthodox killed Him…

Still God is ambidextrous

He used His Law and the Right,

until the time of His Good Glory,

His Son, His Grace

poured out from Heaven onto

all that is left and I for one,

am swimming in Him.


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