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What came first?

A hungry citizen walked into a lunch counter owned by an evolutionist and a creationist. The Evolutionist announced , “In the beginning, was the egg!” To which the Biblicist responded, “Lies! It was a fully formed chicken!” and then the hungry citizen quipped “Who gives a damn when all I want is a sandwich!” And […]

10 on Easter

He is risen! For all the hungry and the thirsty. For those who mourn and those who suffer. For the poor that the callous soul derides. For the destitute that the comfortable forget. Forgiven For He is risen! The pain has been done away with. The shame of the cross. The abandonment of friends, and […]

God is ambidextrous

For those who can think in these terms… I don’t mean to pry, but, do you think God has only one Arm? Is God only right handed? Nothing under His left shoulder? “Silly rabbit,” God is ambidextrous. The world was right from the beginning, up until the first left handed ancient, picked up his tool […]

Knowing Her

The book of Genesis speaks first and when it is translated using Occams razor, it reveals that Adam’s “rib” is the Hebrew word “Tsela”, and everywhere else where Tsela appears in scripture, it translates as SIDE.  If Tsela translates as SIDE, then woman is the other SIDE of Adam, and not just a rib. Why […]