Saint Secular

Did you know?

There are 66 books that make up

one Christian bible.

We see the Bible as one, but it is also, many.

The color of light we see as white,

but when broken down,

displays all the colors of the rainbow!

That is the Bible, and that is God too…

God shows many colors in the Bible,

even some we may have missed.

For instance,

did you know that there is a book in the Bible

that is 100% secular, 100% religion free?

Now you may be thinking this impossible but,

“With God all things are possible.”

The Book is named Esther

and she is not religious, and and she is not ashamed.

Esther and her cousin Mordecai are Jewish,

but they are secular Jews.

Why would I think so?

Well in the whole book, she and her cousin Mordecai

never once mention God, as a matter of fact, no one does.

Not His Name, His title as LORD,

no solemn prayers mentioning Him,

no passing mentions of His deity,

NOTHING, not once,

in the whole book…

Very unusual for a book of the Bible, not to mention God.

Oh and the book doesn’t report any of her prayers either,

It does however record her bravery on behalf of her people, the Jews.

She is a secular saint!

Here’s more evidence of the secular in this book:

Her Hebrew name “Hadassah” was not used for the book’s title.

The Greek/Persian  translation “Esther” is used

so that even the book’s name is secular.

The Feast of Purim, which arises from events in the Book of Esther,

commemorates the casting of lots the Purim.

During this feast the Jews wear masks and are expected to drink wine

to the point that they do not recognize the difference between friend and foe.

Drink until the lines are blurred?  Wow!

Very secular.

So why would God include a secular saint in our Bible?

God’s ways are not our ways, and He wants to teach us

not to cast off the secular because of some

misguided display of religiosity.

So, in the Book of Esther,

The LORD shines the spotlight on a secular hero,

and honors her.  And this is true,

even if we missed it…



2 comments on “Saint Secular

  1. great lesson that needs to be taught to todays Falangists

    • Thanks friend. I love that the Lord clearly put in zingers like Esther and Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon and Hebrews, almost as if He is purposely confounding orthodox theology that villifies everyone that is not of our fold. The orthodox do it because it makes it easy to identify a supposed enemy but Jesus showed us to walk among the unclean, without fear. God has a remnant of righteous men, women, boys and girls all throughout this beautiful world.

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