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The Defrocking

Doulos: A slave. One given up to the service of another

In the red letters of my Bible there reads this verse, “And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.”


Therefore, do not make them out to be, more than what they are, for what you give them now, they will not receive in the hereafter.


I am talking about the pastors, the teachers, preachers, priests and scribes, all servants of the Master.


Do you not know that sycophants rob the Doulos of their blessings?


And while you worship at their altars, they worship at the feet of theologians, who in turn, lose their blessings also.


Servants are all we are!  for we have but one Master, and He is not a respecter of person.


But in The land of profit, the servants have in deed grown fat with money, notoriety, and pride.


Consider then as they are escorted to earthly seats of honor, that they will not have those same seats in the hereafter.


These are in the danger of familiarity, the boastful pride of assumption


So beware for  “not all who say Lord Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven”


Yet if they do manage, to enter His Kingdom


rest assured, in the hereafter, they will be waiting on tables…


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