American Jesus

Jesus, Jesus I have a question.

Are you with America?

In the Land of the free

do you like what you see?

I know you see us fighting

over who gets how much pie,

and those that say they love you

insist they’d rather die,

than give away full healthcare

to the poor and to the destitute,

even though you gave what you had,

to the sinners and the prostitute.

And those that never claim

to call upon your name,

are acting more like you

than the Christian and the Jew!

Strange days…

I used to go to church much more,

but I just can’t anymore.

All that talk about forgiveness

is just a cover for the business,

of finding soldiers for its war.

The church is losing relevance

because they lack benevolence,

towards the poor outside their door.

They choose to tout their freedom

to worship as they choose,

but those that seek the kingdom

will not the poor refuse.

And so

obviously, America’s conflicted

because its church still claims to serve you.

But you took care of the afflicted

what they in fact refuse to do.

And so they rise in anger

at the socialist and the whore.

Projecting onto others,

what they will get and more.

And so I ask you Jesus

What others will implore.

Be with America now dear Jesus

before we go to war.


12 comments on “American Jesus

  1. Hi there, so who is Jesus to you?

  2. It seems that you are implying that if someone opposes universal health care that they are going against Christ. Could you explain please?

    The poem reminds me of those on the left who say that the folks on the right are not being Christian because they oppose the health care bill and some of the social programs. They accuse the right of picking and choosing which Christian scriptures to follow and ignoring others. Yet, they do exactly that. Ignore Christian teaching.


  3. Yes but comparing a healing miracle to forcing someone to PAY for care is an entirely different thing.

    As far as assisting the poor. I believe we should give out of desire and compassion, NOT because the government takes it from us. I don’t think Christ would support that.

  4. Well, I don’t think Jesus would participate in politics. if government was so important in the future of His kingdom, then He would have tried to influence Rome.

    Advancing the kingdom should be our greatest desire. Healing the sick, helping the poor, etc will be part of the mission but not the sole focus.

    • So what you’re saying Mitchell is that you think Jesus would have stayed on the sidelines on this one. Jesus the healer, quietly on the sidelines while the poor sink or swim on healthcare? huh….Interesting… Well that definitely opens the door for you to oppose healthcare law. Thanks for your comments.

  5. And Jesus would be willing to pay for abortions too right? And contraceptive? How about medical marijuana?

    The point of my response was that you implied that if someone opposes the health care law they are not a good Christian. Yet you supplied no scripture to back it up.

    • I supplied no scripture? Jesus is my scripture. He is my model and if he forgave the adulteress that The Pharisees said by scripture (Deut.22:22), was to be put to death, then yeah I’m going to break a few pious conventions so that I can show love to the sinners, even if they have abortions, or use contraception, smoke pot, or need surgery they can’t afford. I’m sure you’ve got arguments all lined up and backed up with scripture, but do you have JESUS in your heart? Don’t complicate it man.

  6. Hi, but we are not talking about forgiveness. We are talking about, if being against universal health care (as currently set up) is against the Christian teachings.

    I have Jesus in my heart but that is only the beginning. We are expected to follow His teachings as well. If a homeless man asks for money and says he plans to buy drugs or booze with it. Is it being a good Christian to give him the money? I say no.

    *I often give money to homeless people but I also witness to them as to get them out of their current situation.


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