11 part 2

In the midst of Heaven, is the

One and the Whole.

Upon the earth, is the

One and the wHole.


And the man and the woman, left the garden

ashamed, but together

They fell…

in Love, and soon He knew Her,

the Rod and the Ring. 10

and in The Presence came two sons,

Cain means “Spear” and he was born first.

The other was a “vapor”, “meaningless”, “nothing”,

A zero by all accounts and so she called him Abel.

The Spear and the zero, once again 10

And wherever there is 10 there is One who wishes to

replace, The Usurper, the fallen One from Grace

When Cain saw his gift rejected

He became angry and withdrew from the LORD.

He had forgotten that the ground had been cursed

because of Adam his father.  In offering

the fruit of the ground, Cain offered the fruit of the curse,

and this was unacceptable.

Only the fruit of Heaven would suffice,

the very breath of God… Life.

And Abel sacrificed his best lamb,

and the LORD respected Abel and

man’s first true sacrifice.

Still the firstborn Cain was not lost, for sin or obedience

always appear at the end of a choice. Then Cain made his.

“Cain rose against Abel his brother and killed him.”

Two sons, born perfect as a one and a zero, but in anger

the spear rose and killed the meaningless brother.

Righteous blood spilled on to the common ground.

And then without conscience and without guilt was the

firstborn’s reply,

“Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Damnation and curses in a moment of eternal consequence

God banished Cain to the Land of Wandering,

Alone, without nothing, but the sign to protect him.

The mark of God upon his forehead.

and though the lost son was told to wander, he refused.

Instead he built a city, the first city, the refuge of the fallen.

For those that run afoul of the Power in Heaven,

Would now have a place, built upon the power of 11.


And this is how the world of man came to be so divisive and brutal.

Women denied their equal and opposite position,

so that men can rule based on the power of the fittest



2 comments on “11 part 2

  1. You have made some pretty in depth points. I follow you I think. We strike out at that which is unlike ourselves, instead of embracing the difference? Well I hope that is part of what you are saying. Thanks for the thought provoking article.

    • Yes indeed. This world is run by men and 11 represents the grouping of phaluses. In contrast 10 represents the perfect unity of opposites of the 1 and the 0. Did you know that The shekinah, Ruach and hochma are all female gender in the O.T.? Stay tuned. I will post about this subject next. Thanks for stopping in Leon.

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