What happens when Power runs its course?  11

When it bumps up on the ceiling?  11

When the influence runners are coming up short?  11

A number is a number unless it is a message and know this,

11 is a message.

“There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed”

and this unraveling begins in a garden a long, long time ago.

“In His image and in His likeness”. 10

He a key and She a lock. 10

The phallic 1 and his maiden 0. 10

The first man and his woman,

perfect, complete, but not alone.

In the midst of their garden was another 1, a fallen 1,

who swore to mar the Image and the Likeness,

before storming Holy Heaven itself.

Beguiled SHE was when she subjected herself

to the will of the 1, that was NOT her husband.

And in that fall Adam stood alone, yet not alone.

For in that moment the Serpent stood erect

and in that moment they formed 11.

After the tasting, eternal regrets, with eyes wide open…

The forbidden sweetness transformed into the torment of her soul.

And then said the accuser to Adam alone,

“Your God made her your helper, yet she has failed.

She is weak, a zero, nothing but a hole!

You saw what I did to her…

The Power to build, to divide and reach Heaven

is with you and I , it is in the  11.

And now then, in the face of Elohim

Who can deny that 11 is greater than 10?”

Then came the footsteps and the question.


“Who told you that you were naked?”

Damnation and curses in a moment of eternal consequence

“To the serpent first, among all that is domestic and wild

you are above all cursed, now on your belly and eat the dirt.

Woman! pain and thirst!   For your children you will pain, and

For a husband you shall thirst,

and not easily be satisfied…

On you woman is the curse,

but also the blessing, for through your seed ALONE

will come the end of transgressing.

And then Elohim turned to the earthen son,

who is not the same as the fallen One, and spoke,

“Cursed is the ground for your sake.

It will suffer because of your deeds

and it will not give in to you easily.”

The curse is NOT on you oh earthen son,

but neither is the blessing.

Now go! Banished, put out, to live then die,

until the time of forgiveness”

Then Adam turned to his helpmate and gently did say,

“woman, do not cry”.

Come with me now to God knows where

for we must leave this paradise,

but in leaving, we do so together.

You are bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh

and I am not ashamed to call you my wife.

You’re name will be Eve, the mother of all the living.”

And as they turned away from the garden of innocence,

the Crooked Serpent retreated to the shadows  to lie AND wait.

“The world of man is mine.  This 1 rejected my offer

but he and his whore will have children.  Some will be like them,

but 1 will want more.  That One, will choose me, over the Tyrant in Heaven.

That One, will stand with me and be filled, with the power of 11.

To be continued…


2 comments on “11

  1. I see you are a poet. Check out this site. Its ideal for publishing your poems and there are a number of groups for Christian and faith poems. http://hellopoetry.com/browse/

    truml is another site for poets and artists http://truml.com/

    keep writing

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