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The Common Ground

From ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we are all just common ground.

Adam brought forth first, from dirt.

The red clay as his name confirms,

that we are all just common ground.

And the fabled serpent befriended man and counseled him to build a street.

And then a building on that street, over the common ground.

Many structures,mighty structures, filled with the sons of Cain.

Those monkeys climbed the tower, and then they learned to fly,

and vowed that never, ever again must anyone remind

us, that we are all mere common ground.

Yet every one, every monkey man, and every son of man,

must in time fall, and in the common grave release

the pretense of divinity.

Life is a gift for too short a time if you fail to

understand, that we are all just common ground.

Cain slew his brother and Abel’s blood cried out from the common ground.

“Justice for the innocent blood, justice for the man that spilled it!”

There is no quieting the plea of the righteous ground, the common ground…

Deflect and Devalue, Deflect and Devalue!

This is how the lofty avoid returning to the common ground.

I was once asked:

“How can you be so certain that Jesus will recognize you

as his own, once you exhale the spirit

back to Him who gave?

He may cast you off with those who knew Him not!”

I cannot tell you why I know,

but I can show you The Way I know!

“Come let us go to the Mountain of the LORD”,

here many nations will stream,

There is when God will manifest,

and there most certainly, to the faithful and the true,

he will state,   “Take your sandals off your feet

for the ground that you stand upon is HOLY GROUND!”

Though it is just common ground.


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