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Saint Secular

Did you know? There are 66 books that make up one Christian bible. We see the Bible as one, but it is also, many. The color of light we see as white, but when broken down, displays all the colors of the rainbow! That is the Bible, and that is God too… God shows many […]


There is a River in the wilderness that is teeming with new life. Dip in its passing, and you can be healed. A Cross to the other side, and you are cleansed forever more. I am alive.

The Defrocking

Doulos: A slave. One given up to the service of another In the red letters of my Bible there reads this verse, “And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.” Doulos! Therefore, do not make them out to be, more than what they are, for what you give them now, […]

American Jesus

Jesus, Jesus I have a question. Are you with America? In the Land of the free do you like what you see? I know you see us fighting over who gets how much pie, and those that say they love you insist they’d rather die, than give away full healthcare to the poor and to […]

11 part 2

In the midst of Heaven, is the One and the Whole. Upon the earth, is the One and the wHole. 10 And the man and the woman, left the garden ashamed, but together They fell… in Love, and soon He knew Her, the Rod and the Ring. 10 and in The Presence came two sons, Cain means […]


What happens when Power runs its course?  11 When it bumps up on the ceiling?  11 When the influence runners are coming up short?  11 A number is a number unless it is a message and know this, 11 is a message. “There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed” and this unraveling begins […]

J loves M

I got these scars cause they remind me of you… I figured you’d know me better if I had scars too Maggie. You don’t have to hide them from me. You don’t need to hide anything from me, not then, not now. Did you miss me?  I missed you. It was Hell after I let […]