Swear The Only Swear The Holy Swear Before God and before flesh and before the Spirit who is feminine that if you survive the end of the end, you will set all men on equal ground on Common Ground. No more us against them no more God of mine but not yours.   Heaven rain […]

Birth write

I still write my verses free hand. Rhythmically, passionately, love making the pen dance my soul into existence. Right here, before my eyes, my naked self, the ineffable me.   Reproduced by ink and paper hand and body and the thoughts. A ghost, from within me…   Yes. But… believing in ghosts is a delusion, […]

Absolution for Trey

I will thank my Lord even in these days of affliction. When the false witness calls me friend. Amen brother! I can see it to! Black lives matter not cause the devil is in their camp!   The black youth aren’t afraid of them. They see how the false witnesses manipulate the truth, weaving like […]

Hope in the Night

The most difficult part is in the undressing, naked and nowhere to hide. And through it all I held my head up. Not out of arrogance but in penance for if I was made to be guilty, then I must take the shame in full. Dead man walking…   But then I came to life! […]

Hurly Burly

Hurly Burly Topsy Turvy These days are strange, when defenders come home from war, To take their lives among us. The ephemeral glory once known in battle is overcome via death in infamy.   What I would give to see us all come together to bring the light to their darkness, but the circus is in […]

The Questions

Hey Mr. Churchman, Do you know Jesus? Won’t matter if Jesus doesn’t know you. Do you think abortion is wrong? Won’t matter if you won’t trade places with her. Do you think that homosexuality is a choice? Won’t matter when your son comes out of the closet. Do you believe that owning an automatic weapon […]

Voluminous Psalm

To the Name , I say, thank you for my time beneath the clouds! Beneath your trees, and above the ground. My heart flows with gratitude to what must certainly be, a good God. I am a child in The Kingdom, of a servant with pierced wrists, and open side. The Water and the Life […]

Sorrow Duo

The groan of the cello and the weeping of the violin. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..” and I will deport them, put them in prison and starve those that remain. And the groan of the cello the weeping of the violin Do you remember the woman who […]


There is a River in the wilderness that is teeming with new life. Dip in its passing, and you can be healed. A Cross to the other side, and you are cleansed forever more. I am alive.

American Jesus

Jesus, Jesus I have a question. Are you with America? In the Land of the free do you like what you see? I know you see us fighting over who gets how much pie, and those that say they love you insist they’d rather die, than give away full healthcare to the poor and to […]

Agape & Phileo

The Way I AM

In the beginning, my faith was called The Way I AM and The Way was Jesus… But Jesus did not immediately return, as His followers expected, and over time they lost The Way, and in His place grew the interpretations of men. Let me tell you the story Of The Way from the beginning the people […]